Saturday evening Gregg and I decided to go out for a drink and some appys. We headed to Sneakers sports bar that is just up the road. They have the place decked out for Halloween. Looked good. We ordered our beer and appys and then noticed that the table next to us had 5 occupants. 4 men and 1 spiderman. Yes, I said spiderman. There he sat at the end of the table in his chair looking like he was a bit tipsy. As far as we could see he belonged to the men. I guess they bought him for a Halloween party.

Soon our food arrived. We watched the men having a good laugh having a full sized spiderman sitting with them. Then all of a sudden the men all got up and grabbed spidey and took him to the washroom. I thought that maybe they didn’t want to leave him alone while they all where in there. (some men like to use the washroom together). A few minutes later they all returned except spiderman. Hmmm…. where was he?

I found out he was busy in the woman’s washroom. I figured I needed to see this. I grabbed the camera and headed for the washroom. There he was, sitting in the first stall. I snapped a few shots of the famous Spidey.

Night Out 2007 10 20 - 027

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