Today is the day. We are leaving this evening. As soon as Gregg gets home from work we will grab our bags and head for the border. Drive down to Seattle Airport, park the car and meet up with Glen. He is driving down in his car since he will be coming home next saturday. Then we all get to be scanned and hopefully there won’t be any problems with our bags. I can’t see there being a problem but you never know. I’m just a bit worried that we might have to check Gregg’s bag. He has his back pack and the camera bag which the size of a small back pack. The US Airways website says that we can each have 1 carry-on that measures 11x14x26 and weighs up to 40lbs plus a personal item like a camera case or purse or diaper bag. So I think we should be ok.

I know, I’m babbling…I’m just excited! I just can’t believe it! 3 WEEKS!!!! I get to lay around the beach soak up the sun and have drinks. I’m going to look like a dry roasted peanut by the time I get home…lol.  No, I don’t sit in the sun and tan till my skin falls off. That is ugly. I might get a bit crispy.

I hope I get some sleep on the plane. The next 24 hours are going to be long. Anyways, I hope that all of you here at home have a fun Halloween, I know I will. Don’t do anything crazy while I’m away, I wouldn’t want to miss it. I’ll try to think of you all in the rain and snow, it might help cool me down in the hot sun.


Here is a link to a webcam in front of one of the places we will be at. The Halloween party will here.

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  1. Smurf

    Hope you all have a great trip !! Looking forward to hearing all about it about 3 weeks.

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