I’m trying to get back into the regular routine around here. I must say I dont want to! I’m still on Mexican time…lol. I want to blog all about our trip but you will have to be patient since there are over a thousand pics to sort thru and edit. Plus I have video to edit too. I think I will be able to start blogging the trip next week.

This week will be busy. We have our yearly Christmas dinner on sunday. Every year on the last sunday on November my Mom’s family get together for a potluck Christmas dinner. This gives us a chance to see all our relatives that we dont see thru out the year. Its nice to catch up and find out what everybody has been doing. Some times there are new additions to the family. New babies or spouses. We dont do this with my Dad’s side of the family. Not really sure why. I think it might be too difficult to get the family together since they are spread far and wide. Maybe in the future it will happen.

I cant beleive Christmas is only 5 weeks away. I havent done any shopping. After this 3 week trip I dont think there is any money left to go shopping…lol. I think that Christmas will be very simple this year. We have Christmas dinner with the family at my brother’s house this year on the 26th. I think I will do a turkey dinner at home for Gregg and the boys if they decide to show up. Glen will probably come too. Other than that, I am planning to do nothing. I just want to relax and enjoy the holidays.

Anyways, back to work…

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  1. Smurf

    Sounds good. Pretty much what we are doing, relaxing and enjoying the holidays. We aren’t having any huge dinners with family. Logan has his palate surgery on Dec 5. So then we’ll be taking care of his recovery for at least 10 days afterwards. Too much to worry about, so if anyone wants to see us, they will have to come visit us..lol

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