Every year at about this time I start to feel something strange. No not indigestion. More like a warm fuzzy feeling. It starts with the change in weather. Halloween is over and gone. The leaves are all on the ground and I can see through the trees that line the back wall of our condo complex. Every morning I can see the steam rising from the parkade. I watch the sun come up and brighten up the world. The patio door stays closed now. The fireplace has been lit. I’ve actually had to put socks on. The stores are full of christmas decorations and trees.

Then Gregg does the crazy thing of bringing home a box of Japanese oranges. That is when I know its finally here…Christmas. Christmas has arrived. Its just another holiday to some people. For me its a special time. As a kid I loved christmas. The snowy days when school would get canceled. Snowball fights on the school fields. Making snowangels, when was the last time I did that? Standing there in the middle of a major snowfall starring up at the flakes as they fall and hit my face, sticking to my tongue. Going out after dinner in the dark to play with all the neighborhood kids, having the biggest of all snowball fights.

Yes those were great memories. There as so many. Christmas day is also my dad’s birthday. This year he will be 81. Last year we had a big party for him. This year we are all just thankful that he is still with us. He has cancer. So far he is handling it well. With old age and sickness you never know how long a person has. So I am so glad that he is still here to help give the family more memories.

So now I have a big decision to make…when do I put up my tree? I would do it now but its too soon. Lights go up next week. Decorations and tree I do all at the same time. So what is too early? December 1st? I have a fake tree so no need to worry about watering or killing a tree. Yes, the spirit has grabbed me. HELP!

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Last Modified: November 23, 2007

One comment on “Christmas

  1. Grandmothergoose

    Love it! Your post and Christmas, that is!
    If I weren’t in the middle of moving, I would be seriously tempted to bring out the Christmas tree right now as well! The best I can do right now is to put on some Christmas music, although, it’s no substitute for the Christmas tree.
    Do you think that we need some therapy?
    Christmas a the best time of year and I have been fighting the urge to get some mandarin oranges! hehehe
    But after tomorrow, all bets are off!
    My PERSONAL Christmas season always starts with the Janzen Christmas party and that is tomorrow. Yeahhhhhhh!

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