Today we are doing the annual christmas dinner from my mother’s side of the family. We have been doing this for many many years. I cant even remember when it started. I think Matthew was a baby. We used to do it at the church in Vancouver. Now its moved out to Abbotsford, which makes it easier on my parents.

I have my Caesar salad ready to go and the dessert. Its a potluck dinner, sort of. I bring the salad every year. My aunt brings the turkey, Mom brings the homemade buns…and so on, you get the idea. No alcohol at this function. I guess if someone wanted to they could bring some Bailey’s to put in their coffee. Which I am considering doing. Yumm…caramel Baileys.

I’m curious as to who will show up this year. I’m sure that most of the regulars will be there. My family is the biggest one and we all show up unless work calls us in. Matthew will be working and Colby cant travel from Kamloops. As for the rest of the family some times the grand kids dont all make it. There are other cousins that show up every 5 years and some every other year. But there is one person that always shows up and that is a certain Aunt. Every year she wears a christmas vest. Yes she does. At first we all thought “wow! that is colorful” but now we wait with anticipation. We all know that when we see that vest, christmas has come. It puts a smile on faces and a giggle in our hearts. The festivities have begun!

So now I need to go look in my closet and find something to wear.

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  1. heather

    awesome! my grandma does something similar to the vest, well, not similar, but it’s how we know it’s Christmas. She has bought each of the grandkids a pair of pajamas every year…and they are absolutely hideous. We compete against each other and award a “most heinous” designation to that year’s winner.

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