Well the first family christmas dinner was last night and it went well. Most of us showed up but there was at least 20 that didnt. Thats ok, they are the ones who missed out on all the fun and the food! The food was all so good! I know I had way too much. I still feel full this morning.

It was great to see how much all the kids have grown this past year. Looks like there will be a new baby arriving soon. A christmas baby. My Dad looed like he enjoyed the party and so did mom. She is the social butterfly, hopping from table to table talking with everyone. Its fun to watch her make the rounds.

Anyways, today Gregg and I are headed across the border to do some shopping at Bellis Fair Mall. I want new shoes and boots and maybe a jacket. Gregg needs runners. So we hope we can find some good deals. I’ll let you know my finds later.

I’ll post pics later.

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