Yesterday we drove down to Bellingham,Washington. We wanted to see if the the savings was worth it. Well let me tell you, it was. I have been wanting to get some new boots and some good walking shoes. Here in Abbotsford there isnt much to choose from. We have The Bay, Sears, Wal-mart, Zellers and a few smaller shoe stores. I have been to them all and found nothing I really want to buy. Well I did find a pair of boots for 130.00, but I just didnt want to spend that much. I was really surprised at the big selection of shoes in Bellingham. Bellis Fair Mall has about 5 shoe stores and then there are the 5 anchor stores that also have shoes. We went to them all.

We tried on at least a dozen shoes in each store. Finally found boots at Kohl’s and shoes for Gregg and I found my walking shoes. The boots I got would have cost about 90.00 at home, I got these for 30.00! Same with the shoes, we paid half the price. We also stopped at Walmart and I bought a winter puffy coat for 10 bucks! It would of cost about 50.00 at home. We definitely saved money.

So, I want to go back! There was so much to look at but we just didnt have the time. I know we will be going back soon. We both will need runners soon.  I did notice that there were some items that were priced the same as at home. Make-up and some brands of clothes were maybe a buck cheaper, so I didnt buy any.

Maybe mom will want to go next week? Hey sis! you want to go too?


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  1. Grandmothergoose

    You do know that I’m in the middle of moving, right?
    Give me another week or two, OK?

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