OK….I have been looking at the new mascots for the Olympics now for a few days. I hate them. They look like some weird experiment that went terribly wrong. Seriously!?! Do we have to have these creatures represent Canada? We are a melting pot of people up here! These stuffed thingies look like a mix of pokemon and a bobblehead! Honestly, how can we be proud of these?! I mean really, just look at the silly names… Quatchi, miga and sumi. Sound like names for a bunch of hamsters.

I know that I am not buying any of them. I am embarrassed to say I’m a Canadian at this point. The American’s have Bush and we have Quatchi. Maybe we can sell Quatchi to them? He might make a good president?..lol

Yes this is all just my opinion. My way of spreading Christmas cheer… Buy a thingy for your kids! You know they want one! Hey! if you want you can buy me one too! I can think of many ways to have fun with it.

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  1. Smurf

    LOL I totally agree with you Karin. They are awful, the worst part in my opinion anyways, that they are made in China. I am sorry but I have nothing good to say about China’s manufacturing policies and standards. After all the re calls I have heard about and personally had to deal with, how dare Canada send more business their way. Personally, they should lose business so that they will smarten up their business practices.

    I know I would pay a bit more for toys, for the peace of mind that my kids were safe. That they weren’t gonna have breathing problems , lead posionning or worse get cancer due to playing with them.

    Anyways I hope I didn’t offend anyone

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