I would like to know. He lives up north in an isolated compound at the north pole where no body really wants to travel to and investigate, and he has a cult of devoted elves.  Are they really elves? Does he own them? Slavery was outlawed a long time ago Mr.Clause! Does he have a permit for that so called sleigh?  Who makes all those toys? Is he using child labor? I’m not too sure I like this guy. He never wears anything but that red suit. Right there that seems odd. I mean who wears the same outfit year after year?

I’d like to know what he is really doing up there in his home. And why does he have all those reindeers? What’s up with that?? Who needs that many? I would think one would be enough. Why does he never take Mrs.Clause on these road trips? Is he making “special” stops at all the “naughty” girls homes? I’m just sayin!

Looks very suspicious to me. But who am I to question the fat man’s activities. As long as he drives sober, cleans up any reindeer droppings while in my hood and brings my gifts, I’m not going to report him. Just a note to fatman “bring me what I want. You know what I mean.”  and Merry Christmas!

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  1. heather

    Santa definitely has a lady friend in every port. And what’s with his unfair hiring policy? Why does he only give jobs to elves? Hasn’t he heard of equal opportunity?

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