I am sick…oh so sick! I have no voice. All I can do is squeak. I sound like a cat toy. I think I have only one lung left since I’m pretty sure I hack the other one up this morning. Did you know that lungs are slimey? Yeah I’m hack stuff up that should stay in the deep bowels of my body. Then theres the stuff oozing out of my nose…not very pretty. It comes in a variety of colors! Plus my eyes are leaking too.

There is a trail of used tissues all through the condo. I put up the tree on Saturday and still havent put all the boxes away. I feel so drained. Absolutely no energy. My body cant decide if its boiling hot or freezing cold. Every time I cough I have to run to the bathroom to spit out a chunk of lung.

I hope to see my doctor today. So if anybody is planning to come over or call to chat dont bother. I cant answer the phone and I dont want to see anybody. I would not want other to get this sick too. I’ll post later with an update.


Just got back from the Doctor. He sent me for chest x-rays and gave me antibiotics. I have laryngitis and I’ll find out the results tomorrow if I have bronchitis or pneumonia. Yippee. Good times. Let’s boogaloo till we puke.

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  1. Smurf

    You have such a way with words…lol Anyways hope you feel better real soon.

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