I am so tired today. Went shopping with Mom yesterday from 9:30am to 3pm. After that Gregg picked me up at 4pm and we headed to Bellingham. Did some shopping at Costco grabbed a bite to eat at TacoTime and then shopped at Walmart. It was 10:30pm when I finally got home and relaxed. At least the shopping is almost done. Just need a few more small items to buy.

Today I should be cleaning and getting the gifts wrapped but I just cant get my butt in gear. I still have so much to do on my PC. Programs to install, learning all the crap that comes with Vista. Moving stuff over from my old hard drive. Its an endless list. Colby is supposed to be coming down next week, but that could all change in a blink of  “Bob’s” eye. I’m definitely not getting my hopes up this year. I’m just going to enjoy my holidays. No being sad or whining that I dont get to see my kids. I have Baby and Bunny here to be my kids. Plus Gregg always makes christmas special any way. Important part is spending the remaining christmas’s with Mom and Dad when ever we can. Never know what the next day will bring.

Well, I guess I should at least go and try to do some cleaning.

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  1. Cynthia

    my thing this year is take it as it comes. Go where you can have agood time and relax, Seems to be working too!!see you in 10 days!

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