Well its finally here. Christmas is upon us. Well Guess who showed up this afternoon??? Yup, Colby! I was very shocked that he made it, but very happy he is here. He showed up at noon and we didnt tell anyone in the family. We went for dinner at the restaurant and everybody was surprised. I could see that my Mom and Dad were very glad to see him.

Now we are back at home and relaxing having a few beers and playing on the computers. Gregg set up my old one in the kitchen so Colby can use it. He doesnt have one at his dad’s so he is kinda new to a lot of things. I dont think he has much interest in learning how it all works. As long as he can download music and put it on to his mp3 player thats all that matters…lol

Tomorrow we are having dinner here at home. Glen will be here and Matthew should be showing up some time in the afternoon. Gregg got a 20 pounder turkey to cook. I’m sure it will be very tasty. I still cant believe that Its finally happened. Its taken 10 years to get this christmas. Its about time! I am going to enjoy it cause I dont plan on asking for it anymore now that its finally here.

I got my christmas gift, my boys. I would like snow too but its ok I’ll ask for that next year!

Merry Christmas!

2 comments on “Christmas Eve

  1. Grandmothergoose

    My goodness! Now you got snow, too! What will be next?
    It is certainly nice to see Colby this Christmas!
    Hope you’re all having lots of fun together!

  2. smurf

    She is on a roll Trudy ! She should buy a lottery ticket ….

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