We had a very tasty turkey for dinner last night. Gregg did a wonderful job. Everything was yummy. Matt and Colby and I talked and laughed through out the day. Glen showed up and we just had a good evening. I guess I finally got what I wanted. I even got my wish for some snow. It didnt stick to the ground but thats ok. So now that I have had my christmas with the boys I can finally enjoy the years to come. No more wondering if I will get to see them. This visit will keep me content for the next 10 years….lol

Today we have to go to my brother’s house for the family dinner. All 30 of us will be there. Have to remember to bring the camera. The gift game should be interesting with so many people. The house is going to be full! I’m looking forward to all the fun. Just have to make sure Colby doesnt over eat again. He spent most of his night puking. His tummy was not happy. Gregg and I didnt get much sleep since the only bathroom is next to our bedroom. He made a few trips.

Well I’m off to go get ready. Blog later!

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