Yesterday was the big family gathering. We all headed to my Brother’s house for dinner. We had all sorts of snacks. There was mountains of chocolate and candies and nuts. Rivers of veggies and dip and Fruits from all corners of the world. Dinner was a big pot of split pea and ham soup and lasagna and buns and Caesar salad. We normally would have turkey with all the trimmings but my sister-inlaw decided that with 30 people coming for dinner this was easier and she was right. All of it was tasty. yum yum!

Out of the 30 people only 26. 4 of them were very sick. It was still a big group. The family seems to be growing every year. Next year my niece is getting married and adding her hubby to the family. He is already family but next christmas we can count him as official….lol. Who knows, there might be a new grandkid or another hubby or wife added. It just keeps growing and growing!  We also celebrated my Dad’s 81st birthday. I hope that we do it again next Christmas. He has always said he was going to live to the age of 12o…LOL

I have to say that this has been a great christmas. It didn’t start out too well, but it all worked out. I guess all that whining and complaining helped! Someone must of heard me. I knew Santa would come thru! Thanks Santa!  Anyways, its been a great week having Colby here and Matt too. Colby will be heading home tomorrow. We are going to relax and enjoy our last day watching TV and having leftover turkey for dinner. Gregg is back at work…poor Gregg.

The new year is soon here. This year seems to have gone by so fast. 2008 I just cant believe it. What does it mean? It means I have to go on a diet and lose my winter fat! LOL! Its not that bad I gained 10 lbs in Mexico lost 5 of it before Christmas but gained it back. So I have 10 lbs to take off. It wont be that hard. Until Jan.1st I still get to be bad and eat chocolate and have extra leftover turkey!

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