Colby has left and the place is a mess….lol.  Now the cleaning begins. I think the tree and decorations can wait. I just dont feel like doing it. We had a great Christmas this year. There is a lot of turkey left, enough for at least a dozen dinners. yum yum. With the new year coming I look forward to what ever may come. Hopefully it will be a good year.

So what are you hoping for in 2008? I would love to go back to Mexico for halloween again. Not too sure that will happen. I want to lose 15lbs, but doesnt everybody…lol especially after all that turkey. I would like to see Gregg get a better job…which I think will be soon. 🙂  I would like to be ….  hmmmm….ya know I think I will just go with the flow. I’m sure that whatever happens things will be fine.  Everything always seems to find a way of working out.

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Last Modified: December 28, 2007

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