The New Year Has Begun

The tree and decorations were taken down yesterday. I still have a bit to finish cleaning today. My body is achy from all the work. I’ll be glad once I have it all done and put away. Bunny has been wandering around looking for the tree, wondering were it went. She spent a lot of time under it over the holidays. She really loved it. I think it was all about the tinsel. She was always trying to eat it. I so dont want to have pull any out of her butt! So far it hasnt happened.

I start back on my diet plan today. I didnt gain as much as I thought I did. I still had 5 lbs left from Mexico and I gained 4lbs over Christmas. Not too bad. I am still going to try to lose 15lbs. This time I’m adding in exercise. At least 3 times a week. We have a small gym in our building and I want to start using it. I’m also going to put up an ad on the bulletin board down by the front entrance for pet sitter. Maybe I can walk a few dogs to get my exercise and make a few bucks. I understand its good money too.

Well I better get back to my cleaning. Good times indeed!

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  1. Paper routes also are good for exercise, however the pay may not be so great. I know Mikayla and I had one 2 yrs ago. It was okay when the weather was nice and got a bit of fresh air and exercise, but the pay sucked.

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