I am finally feeling better! My back is still a bit sore but way better than what it was last week. I’m still thinking about seeing my Doctor and having my kidneys checked. There is still pain in that area. I was a dizzy mess yesterday, but I woke up and its all gone today. I have noticed that the last few months my right shoulder has been acting up. The pains I’m getting are exactly like the ones I had in my left shoulder which I had to have surgery on 2 years ago. I’m hoping its not the same thing. I’ll have it checked out just to be sure. At least thins time the doctors should be quick about it and figure it out faster since it has already happened before.

Anyways, enough about all my aches and pains. Its sunny in my neck of the woods for a change. This wont last…lol. It never does this time of the year. We are lucky if we get to see the sun at all in the next few months. Its mostly rain  till summer. So what will I do today? Hmmm…. NOTHING!!!!!   Hahahaha!! Oh yes! I will do nothing! OK thats not true. I will shower and put some clothes on. Drink some coffee. Pet the cats. Maybe take the garbage out. But thats it! Otherwise I’m doing nothing! So there! 😛

4 comments on “Feeling Better!

  1. Grandmothergoose

    OK, so go ahead and be lazy! hehehe

  2. Deanna

    Enjoy your ‘do nothing’ day! I have a couple cats that need petting! One is driving me crazy! He has decided his lifes work is yowling continually around the house!

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