I was just checking out all the new shows that will be starting up again. Next Monday is the start of Prison Break which I have really missed. The guys are all so sexy!(hehehe) I think thursday will be the big day to be watching. I am not too happy that most of my favorite show are all going to be on that night. There is Greys Anatomy, Survivor, and not they plan to put LOST in there too! How do the Networks expect me to watch all of these at the same time!!

I will figure it out. I will watch them all somehow. Survivor sounds like it could be very interested this season. They are putting the top 10 fans up against 10 all-stars. The show starts on Feb.7 at 8pm. Greys Anatomy in new tonight. So is CSI Vegas. Yup its gonna be hard to watch them all.

I seem to be having trouble with my keyboard today. Every time I try to add a comma it looks like this (È) not sure whyÉ oh look it does it when I try to add a question mark….hmmmm I will reboot and see if that helps. If not i will change the batteries, and if that doesnèt do it that Ièm screwed!  (that really looks weird) LOL

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Last Modified: January 10, 2008

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