Baby and Bunny

Just felt like sharing some pics of my kids. Baby turned 7 years this last October. and Bunny just turned 3 a couple weeks ago. She still looks like a kitten. Baby looks huge next to her. So here they are doing what they do best…..nothing!

Around The House 0222007 03 29 Temp 002

Lazy Day 010Lazy Day 007

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  1. We have 2 cats; an old orange tabby, Boris, and a amazing twin to your black cat, Oreo. Boris has always been a nice cat, not a lap cat, but nice. Oreo is a snot. My question is, is this a trait of the black and white, oh, so cute, black cats? Mean, snotty, always mad… or do we just have a mean, snotty always mad cat? lol Great pix! Gotta love those lounging cats! (Mine are asleep again, after successfully waking the household up around 5 a.m.)

  2. Baby is the same way. The only time he wants to be petted is in the evening when we go to bed, he will climb up and walk back and forth on our pillows while we must pet.He gets very demanding about the whole thing. He likes to be close by during the day but otherwise he doesnt liked to be touched.Bunny loves getting heaad rubs but she seems to picking up Baby’s habit of “dont touch me!”.

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