Thursday! yippee! yahooo!  ok, enough of that. I have no reason to be happy that its Thursday. Its not a special day. I just thought I would see how you all react to it. I’m trying to think of something to write about. Let’s see….. hmmm… well I colored my hair last Monday. I went from light brown to dark chocolate. Then I bleached out some strands in the front and added violet. I must say I like it! I just wish the violet showed more. So this weekend I am going to go get a brighter purple color and try again. I’m going to get Gregg to help me this time. I want to streak all around the bottom of my hair. So that the purple ends will show at the bottom of my layers. I think it will look great. I’ll post pictures once its done. Here is the before and after of Monday’s results. This is also rare to see me without make-up….LOL

Hair Streaking-2
I used tinfoil to keep the strand of hair for bleaching out of the way .

Hair Streaking-15

I normally dont like to post pictures of myself, but I’ll do it this time. Just cause I look so sexy!(LOL)

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