I know I dont normally go this long without blogging. I was having an off week. I First wasn’t feeling all that great. I’ve been having a lot of dizzy days. So I spent some time in bed. Mostly I was depressed. I tend to keep my home in order but since Christmas it has never really gotten back to the way I like it and it just got worse and worse. So much clutter. I didnt even want to sit at my desk. So I told Gregg that we really need to clean up the condo. Well that is what we did this weekend.

Gregg came home friday sick. He looked awful. I told him what I wanted to do and he agreed. Saturday morning we had are coffee and figured out what all had to be done. There was a lot! I didn’t ask much from him since he wasn’t feeling well. He just needed to clean his desk and all around it. It took him all weekend to do it but this morning I saw he had it finished.

I, had tons of work to do. I started with sorting thru everything that was piled up in the eating area. I had a load of junk for the thrift store. I made a list of things for Gregg to do and he loaded the car up with the junk and all the empty pop bottles and off he was. I cleaned for another hour and then had it for the day. I  didn’t want to break my back. Sunday I spent a few hours going thru all my kitchen cupboards and getting rid of stuff that I just never use. Then I reorganized everything. That was a job and a half! All that I still need to do is wash the floor and do the inside of the fridge.

Yesterday I sent Gregg out again with a couple boxes full of thrift store stuff and a list of food we needed for the week. I took it easy and didnt do much. It sure feels better having all this done so far. There are still a few more things to do but I can get them done this week. I have to say its nice to see the kitchen table again.

So there you have it! That is why I wasnt blogging. But now I can concentrates again. I have a few posting already started for this week.

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Last Modified: February 12, 2008

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