As you know we are in a “green” age. Its all about saving the environment. I agree that we need to be careful with the earth. There are a lot of easy ways that we can all do our part. Now I know I don’t do as much as I should but I am trying. Gregg and I recycle everything we can. We use energy saving lightbulbs and turn off the lights as we leave the room(which was a hard habit for me to break). We basically try to do what we can.

I came across this site  “The Green Show” . I am thinking that this might be worth attending. it would be educational. We might get some simple ideas on some things we can do around our home. Even if there isn’t much that we can since we live in a condo I think it would still be worth going.

You can buy tickets online for 10.50 or at the door for 12.00.  Thats not too bad a cost. So go and check it out! It wont hurt to learn something new.

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  1. smurf

    Yes definitely worthwhile to do whatever you can to help save the enviornment. Our recycling program out here in Chilliwack is easy. All we need to do is have one container and everything that is recyclable goes there. We don’t have to sort nothing, its great.

    We use the light bulbs with the twisted look( can’t remember the name lol) Turn off lights as we leave the rooms, try to turn off the computers when not in use.

    The house we bought will be definitely easier to conserve energy.
    That show looks interesting, too bad its on moving weekend.

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