YES! I Do! Ok, the mother has moved out and her son now is living there alone. He is 21 years old. I can deal with the age. He doesnt know much yet. Its obvious that he was never taught to have any respect to others. He came up and talked to us a couple months back. I guess the fine he got for 200.00 was a bit much. He came to ask if we were complaining. We said yes we did about the pot smell. The fine he got was for noise in the evenings after 11pm. Yes we did complain about that too but he didnt need to know that. He said he was sorry(which seemed a big effort) and would try to smoke his weed outside. I told him no, go smoke it in your car or off the property. The smoke comes up and into our condo. SO he agreed to try.

This week I have had enough of him. First off, he has a new dog. It sounds like a puppy. How can I tell? Well could it be that I know what a suffering dog sounds like? yes. He goes out to work or where ever he goes, and leaves the puppy locked up in the bedroom. He comes home and slams doors(so that my place rattles) and yells and beats the dog for pissing or crapping, (probably both) on the floor. Well this happens about twice a day. Ok I can understand training your puppy to be housebroken, but I have never had to beat my puppies to the point where the yelps go to screaming. If you have never heard a dog scream then you are lucky. It is an awful sound. Just horrible.

So today I am through with him. If he does it again tomorrow I will be calling the SPCA. I dont care if he knows its me. I want that dog taken away from him. Hell! I’ll take it if need be! I could rip my hair out every time I hear that poor little puppy crying from the pain that is being inflicted upon him. If he ever leaves the dog on the patio and goes out I think it might just go missing.

2 comments on “I Still Hate my Neighbors

  1. Cynthia

    Oh my it sounds like you have your hands full….why do people like that even buy animals?????

    Do it!!! Call!!I would!

  2. Grandmothergoose

    I’m with you!
    If need be, report them!

    Was nice seeing you!
    Need to do it more often now that I am so much closer! 🙂

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