Well its been quiet, sort of. Dippy(that is what I call the kid below) Was home most of the day yesterday playing his video games. I know this because I could hear the music from his system and every time he lost he would yell obscenities. I wont repeat the words. He did yell at the dog a few times but nothing major. I guess he had the patio door open so the dog could go out and do its business. Dippy went out for a bit and when he truned with his dippy friends in tow, he was surprised that the dog left him a gift on the floor. So he yellled at the dog but I guess he didnt beat him cause his buddies were there.

I haven’t reported him to the SPCA yet but as soon as he beats the dog I will be doing it. Gregg did send an email to the strata council to let them know what is going on down there. They will be checking on the size of the dog too. Since there is a size limit of 40lbs. I have a feeling this puppy is going to be bigger than that. I have noticed some large dogs in the building. A lot have been here for years so there isnt much that can be done about those, but new dogs have to be under the required size. I dont mind dogs, I would like to have one some day too, but if you live in a condo you need to train your dog. Having a yappy dog in a building where your neighbors are close to you on every angle is not a good thing. Your neighbors will start to hate you and talk about you to others(I blog about them).

Well I hope that Dippy grows a brain and realizes that he shouldn’t have a dog. He is still a kid in many ways and not responsible enough to handle a puppy. His temper is very explosive. I hear him every day blowing up about something. And with that comes the throwing of items and beatings on the dog or fighting with his friends. Hmmm…. I wonder if he is doing steroids? (LOL)

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