I had my final visit with my plastic surgeon. He said everything looks good and to make an appointment to come back in 6 weeks, but I could cancel it if I felt that I am with the results. So far it looks great to me. I think the skin will heal nicely. Like Gregg says, my boobs were so swollen when the surgery was first done that the skin had stretched too much. This time there is no swelling. Time well tell how good it looks, but just from what I can see now, it will look 100% better.

After the doctor, we headed to Langley. We both hasn’t has lunch so we stopped at a neighborhood pub on Fraser hwy and 188st ave. in the Hillcrest area. Now for some reason I cant remember the name of the place…let me look it up….Dublin Crossing Irish Pub.

Its really a nice looking place and I could see it being a great place to hangout on weekend afternoon. We each had a beer and ordered 1 appy between us. It was a spinach dip with chips and bread on the side. It was tasty. We sat for a bit and then finally back on the road. We stopped at Costco and then made a stop at Old Navy to see if I could find any jeans. No luck. We continued up 200th ave to another pub close to the highway exit.

The Water Stone Taphouse and Grill is more of a restaurant than a bar. You walk in and you go to the left for the eating area or the right has the bar. We went to the right and sat at the bar. It kind of reminded me of a Denny’s restaurant. Nothing that impressive. The beer was very cold which was a pleasant surprise. We ordered an appy. Crab and Gouda dip with bread, yummy.  I don’t think we will stop there again anytime soon. Afterwards we headed home.

That was our adventure for the week. I think this weekend we will be checking out the new pub downtown Abbotsford. The Bull n Raven. It used to be called the Yorkshire cafe. They had the best fish and chips. I wonder what the new place will have? I’ll post a review about it soon.

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