So here we are again…another friday. Strange how that happens every week. Well this friday is a special day. Its my sister’s birthday! Yup…she turns..oops better not tell you. Lets just say she is older than me…hehehe. Well I hope you have a great day! Enjoy it!

I plan on doing …. thinking…. ummm…. ya know, I dont know what i plan on doing today. I know I have a book I need to finish reading. There is always laundry to do. Not fun. I think if the weather stays ok maybe Gregg and I can get the deck cleaned up and ready to start using it. I sure hope we can use it this year. Last summer I didn’t get out there very often cause Dippy was out there smoking his weed all the time, plus there is the dog shit smell that wasnt very pleasant. They have build a grass box so the dog can shit on that and that way they dont have to walk the dogs. Nice for them and handy too, but bad for us. Just think….shit..sun..warm up…stink! YUK!

Anyways, enough about Dippy and the dippettes.  I think we might go down to Bellingham to do some shopping. I have searched and cant find any normal jeans in this town. Maybe I can find some across the border. I could probably find some here but I dont want to pay 100 bucks. I’m going to checkout some online stores for the Bellingham area. Maybe someone knows of a good place to go to?

I think the laundry is calling me…catch ya later!

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