We drove down to Bellingham Saturday. The Sumas crossing was about 30 minute line up, not too bad. Once we were past the border we headed for Bellingham. On the way we stopped at a tiny Latin market. La Gloria. There we bought some chips and nuts. While we were in Mexico last year, we discovered some tasty things and found where to get them here.

La Gloria Mexican Store

After that we stopped farther down the road at Hilltop Restaurant. I did something I never do and ordered a chicken fried steak. Now if you dont know what that is, let me tell you. It is beef in a batter then deep fried like chicken. Afterwards its smothered with sausage gravy. On the side you get 2 eggs and 4 slices of toast and hashbrowns. I didnt finish the meal. I felt like a piggy. Plus I had 3 cups of java.

Hilltop Restaurant

We left there and the next stop was running thru the Walmart parking lot to see if my brother was there. Mom told me that he was down there with the motorhome. I really dont see the thrill in camping at a Walmart parking lot. Well he was no where to be found so it was off to the Mall! We parked by Kohl`s. I figured that I could find everything I needed there, but no luck. Next was Famous Footwear. I did find some shoes but they were the same price as at home. We walked and checked out stores and finally at JC Penny`s I found 2 pairs of jeans! YIPPEE! And both under 20 bucks! I was happy. They fit great and they are NORMAL jeans, no stretch. I am so sick of stretch jeans. I think they should be banned. They make a woman`s body look deformed.

Onward we traveled thru the Mall. Next stop was Sears. Normally I dont go to Sears. The clothes are `dated`in a way. More for the older grandma types. As soon as we were in the store I saw the clearance section. There I found 3 purses and one purple hoodie. We looked at a few other stores but finally my body was tired. (it was more than tired, my IC flared up. I had to take my little red pill) We had a quick drink in Target and I sat down while Gregg ran back to get the car. Yes I was done. I wanted to go to Macy`s but I was worn out. Next time.

We left the Mall and drove around town and down by the ocean then but thru the older parts of town. It was nice to just drive and look at stuff. We started to head towards home and stopped at Costco and one more spin thru Walmart to see if my brother might have turned up…no luck. We had dinner at Billy Mchale`s. We started off with the sampler platter which was pure grease. I figured I needed to cut the grease so I passed on dinner and went straight for dessert. Naturally the best choice for cutting grease would be the peanut butter pie! Oh and it was SO good!

Peanutbutter Pie

After that great so-called dinner we made one last stop in Walmart. I actually did find a pair of jeans there that looked good and werent stretch. Plus a t-shirt and a belt. I was happy. We were finally on our way home. filled up the gas tank and headed for the border. At the border there was no line up and we were sent thru with a smile.

That was our adventure. We had a great time. Cant wait to do it again!

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