Yup! Rats! Matthew has decided to have pet rats. LOL I guess if he really wants them, he can have them. Matt stopped by to pick up my old fish tank. Amazingly enough, I got to FINALLY meet his girlfriend. Yes, shocking I know. He has been with her since October. Thats 6 months. Don’t know why it took so long. So, I gave him the tank and he was all happy and excited to get going to get the rats.  He has had them in the past and he likes them. Plus it gives him some responsibilities. It also gives him more bills. But thats not my worry, I don’t control his money.

I took the day off from my PC yesterday. Sometimes you just need to step away. It was nice to relax and read my book. I’ve also started exercising this week. Gregg and I are back on our diet plan. I haven’t be able to get rid of the last 10 lbs and Gregg has gained. So its time to get back to it! Just this time I am going to exercise a lot more. I’ve been thinking that I would like to go check out the local pools. I used to love to go swimming, but after I got bigger I stop going. Now I feel that I can go do it again. Plus I don’t have the big boobs to get in the way! LOL And people won’t be starring at me, well, at least not as much. People will still be starring because of my tattoos. That I can handle.

I want to start using our bikes to0. We never used them at all last year. I need to get my legs stronger before I can even think of going for a ride. My knees groan when I climb any stairs. I think I will rest my achy muscles today or maybe go for a walk.

enjoy your day!

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