Today the family is getting together to celebrate Easter at my sister’s house. Its been a long time since she has had a family dinner. The last place they lived in was just too small. It was a nice townhouse, but no room for 30 people. We used always gather at mom and dad’s house for all the big events. Now that they live in a condo its just not possible. Sure they could reserve the amenities room. Gregg and I can do that here too. Its just not the same as someone’s home. Today we will all bring food and gather for a big feast.

I think that my sister has been wanting to have the family over for a long time. I think its been about 10 years if not more. Its also her turn to have the family over for Christmas this year. We get to do it next year. We have made it simple. Every year we take turns in the order of age. Works out well, every 5 years is my turn. Anyways, I’m looking forward to seeing her new home all set up and decorated. We saw it the first day they moved in with boxes every where.

As far as I know there will only be 3 or 4 people missing today. It will still be a full house. I’m curious as to what all will be there for food and what Gregg and I will be eating since we started back on our diet plan this week. I DONT want to mess it up. I know I will have some food that I shouldn’t, but its all so yummy!

See you all at the party!

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