Last night was a great time. We all pigged out on pizza, sandwiches, veggies, chips, dips, and tons of dessert. I’m sure we all gained a few pounds. I know I did! It was nice to see the family again. We don’t get together that often anymore. We used to years ago. Seemed we could always find a reason to have a family party. I guess we all grow up, have kids, have more kids then there are grandkids and great grandkids and it just gets a little too busy. Well thats ok, its part of life.

Last night when we got home I went to bed and watched some TV and tried to go to sleep but as always I made the mistake of eating too much and drinking coffee too late in the evening. I tossed and turned all thru the night. Gregg had set the alarm for 5:50am so that he could get up and drive into Vancouver for gum surgery. He left at 7:15 and I stayed in bed. I couldn’t get my butt up and ready to go with him. I felt a bit bad about that since I know he wanted me to come with him so we could spend the day in town. Well to make me feel even worse, the dentist office called here at 9:15 asking where Gregg was. I told them that he should of been there by now. She says to me “well the Doctor waited but he had to leave”. I instantly felt so bad for Gregg to have driven all the way to Downtown and I felt guilt for not being with him.

I knew I should of gone along. We could of made the trip worth it, but now he gets to drive home. Such a waste of time and gas. He did take his camera with him so maybe he will stop along the way and take some pictures. Sorry Gregg!

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  1. smurf

    Oh Crap. Sure hope Gregg won’t have to wait too long for his next appt. Everything okay with Gregg? Got caught up in traffic…….

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