Everybody has had one or two hoax mail show up in their inbox. I tend to get about 3 a week. I will take a quick look just to see what stupid thing it is this time and then I delete it. I NEVER forward any of them. If I do feel that it MIGHT be real, I look it up, but even then I have only forwarded once and that was because it was real and current.

I really dont understand why people bother with this stuff? Its mostly spam. If it was real, I’m sure you would hear about it from a good reliable source sooner or later. I know that some of it is real, like the one amber alert I got a few months ago. It was true and the girl did go missing, but it happen 4 years ago and she was found. This email is still going around the internet. Only difference was that someone changed the date on it.

So people, dont forward the spam! 99% of the time its not real. If you get spam, delete it. Dont send it to me. I will only delete it. If you want to find out if some emails are a hoax here are some sites that you can use.




Just so you know, I am not pointing any fingers at any family or friends. This is to everybody! STOP FORWARDING!  ok I think I am done now…hehehe

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    You are lucky! I get about 3 in one day myself. Why they waste so much time with these is beyond me. And who actually falls for them and turns over their info and worse yet forwards it to their friends.

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