Last night was the second episode of the Paul McKenna show. We learned about the “tapping” technique. Tapping at certain pressure points helps you  “reboot” your brain. Sounds crazy I know, but I will be testing it this week. The tapping is suppose to help with emotional eating. Every time you feel stressed or emotional in any way you are to tap the pressure points instead of running to the fridge or cupboard for a snack. Not sure if it will work for me since I am not really an emotional eater. I do look for “comfort” foods when I am sick, other than that, its not a problem for me.

I still feel like the show is a “info-mercial”. I think it could of been presented in a better way. I guess the main thing is, that it helps people. Paul had some guests on the show that have lost over 100lbs, one guy lost 185lbs just by doing what Paul has told him. This must work some how.

As for last week, my results…. Gregg and I have been eating dinner at the kitchen table with the TV off. We are taking our time to enjoy our dinners. I have noticed that it does take about 20 minutes to eat. I’m eating a bit less, but still having a hard time knowing when I am full. Gregg seems to know when he is full and thinks he is eating less. I have been making our portions smaller. Its also nice to eat whatever we want, but I am still watching the calorie intake. I stepped on the scale and no change in my weight. I know we are supose to wait for 2 weeks , but I am one of those people that weighs daily. Its been hard not to weigh myself.

Come back next week for episode 3….

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Last Modified: March 24, 2008

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