I love bread. I could eat bread every day. I want to eat bread every day! I know I cant. Not sure why, but bread likes to get cozy and stick with me, mainly to my ass! Its simple. Eat bread = fat ass. Yup…I love bread. So what did I go and do? I made bread, but not just any old bread. I made banana bread, blueberry bread and strawberry bread. YUM!

I haven’t made these in years. Well the banana bread has been years the other ones its a first for me. When we were in Mexico there was this little cafe we would stop at for breakfast. They had the best strawberry bread I have ever tasted. Actually the only strawberry bread I have ever tasted. I figured I could make that. So I did. It isn’t exactly the same, but I think with a few more tries I should have it right. As for the blueberry bread….LOL…its blue! The whole loaf turned blue. I think I will have to be careful and not mush the berries as much next time.

Now, the reason for making the bread. I haven’t baked in many years cause in my mind its all very fattening. Since we are following the 4 rules by Paul McKenna, I figured why not! He does say to eat what you want, and I LOVE bread. I think this might be a way to control my bread eating. I’ve noticed that over the years, the things that I shouldn’t eat I have really tried hard not to have. When I do have them I binge. I over eat on them and then try to avoid them again. I’m hoping that by following the 4 rules I will be able to control these binges. I guess I’ll see how long the breads last.

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  1. smurf

    fold the blueberries next time. frozen is the best way to work with them. LOL I remember making muffins and yup they looked like smurf turds……So frozen berries work the best.

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