The show last night was about crave busting. I’m not sure if its going to work for me. I think I will try and see if this works with beer. I seem to crave beer on the weekends. So I will imagine that someone has put cigarette butts in my beer. That is very gross. And with any food craving I will just think of them in a dirty ashtray. Smoking is so disgusting to me now that I dont smoke anymore.

Last week we learned about the tapping technique. I have been doing it and some times it did  work but there were times that it did nothing. I  will keep doing it and make it more of a habit. I am eating a lot less than before. Sometimes I forget and catch myself eating too fast. I slow down and pay attention. I havent lost any weight. Not sure if Gregg has.

I’m really going to work at it more this week. And if the weather holds up maybe try to get a couple walks in too.

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Last Modified: March 31, 2008

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