boredom, it hits us all at some point. The last few days I have been hit with it. I have nothing to blog about. I’ve been doing nothing exciting. Just hanging around at home. Watching TV, doing laundry, cooking dinners and sleeping.

One thing that will be nice is that all the prime time shows are coming back. I have missed my regular shows. Tonight is Survivor and then CSI Vegas. After that is ER, finally its back. Gregg and I make a easy dinner on Thursdays. We do pizza and watch Survivor together. After that Gregg goes and does his thing on his PC and I snuggle into bed and watch the other shows.

I know that there are a couple other shows coming back in the next couple weeks. Like Desperate Housewives, I just love those gals. LOST also will be back next Thursday. Which will mean I will have to record it or CSI. Another show that I have started to watch is Dexter. Its a very strange show, but I like it. I think Dexter is morbidly funny. I forgot, there is also Moonlight that is on Friday nights starting April 25.

The only shows that are missing are Prison Break and Heroes. I’m sure they will be on again soon.

5 comments on “Boredom

  1. smurf

    I believe Heroes is completed it’s season. No idea about Prison Break I don’t watch that one.

  2. smurf

    I just took a look on episode guide and for Heroes it shows not until Sept. 08

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    I have really been enjoying Dexter. It is really different from everything else on, and as you say a little morbid. Yet you still have to like the guy for some reason.

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