What the Heck!?!

I was peacefully sleeping in my comfy warm bed this morning when I was awaken to my cat Baby, meowing loudly right beside me on the floor. I’m not sure what he was saying but I think it was “get up! follow me to my food and pet me while I eat”. So I got up, grabbed my robe and followed. I detoured and went to the kitchen to turn on the coffee. I then sat down on the sofa and gave him his petting. Once the coffee was done I grabbed a cup and headed to my computer. On the way I noticed something…..

I looked out the sliding door and behold! Its SNOWING! What?! We never get snow this late in the year. Its coming down in big flakes and coming down in a hurry. I’m starting to think that what the Americans think of Canada is going to really happen. You know, they think that once you cross the border that there is nothing but snow, ice and Eskimos. That we all live in igloos. LOL… its true, I’ve heard Americans say it. Now they might be able to start saying it and it will be the truth!

I sure hope not! If that happens I am moving to Mexico next week!

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  1. Speaking of Mexico my mother in law just got back last night from her trip. She had a great time. I cannot remember all the places she visited but she did go to Playa de Carmen. She said it was incredible. She swam with the dolphins and went snorcling..however you spell it..lol She will not go on a all inclusive again. She kinda knew before she left that she wouldn’t like it but it was her friend’s idea and since her daughter is a travel agent it was like what the heck I’ll try it…..Next time she will do what she usullay does, goes by herself and pay as she goes..lol

    She brought back few gifts for all. We haven’t seen everything yet but she did bring me back a sombre o. Its perfect size to hang on the wall in my living room. I didn’t want a huge one, plus pretty tough to travel with..lol

  2. Have you ever swam with the dolphins?? I have heard a few of our friends talk about how cool it is and how you have to try it etc. I don’t know about it myself. Same with snorkeling. Guess I am not really a fiishy kinda person….Fish are beautiful and all but to be right next to them in the water I don’t know..lol

  3. oh wow !! mother in law brought back a video of her swimming with the dolphins, it looks so cool. Now that I have seen how it is done, I could so do it myself….. I had a totally different idea going thru my head..lol Still not sure about Snorkeling though hehehehe Show me a video..lol She brought back a bunch of t shirts for everyone, plus a wooden flute for each of the kids. Like I said before I got a sombre o . So ya we got spoiled once again..LOL

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