Since this morning I have seen my Dentist. Well not my regular Dentist. This new guy took a look and says it shouldn’t take much to replace the crown. Fine, great. Now here’s the problem….*big sigh*….. I need other dental work done. I need to replace 3 fillings replaced and that crown on my right side. On the left I have 4 crowns that were done about 6 years ago and I might need to have them taken off to see what is going wrong under them. They seem to get food stuck in between them all the time and I cant bite down very hard without some kind of pain. Then there is my top front teeth. I need 4 veneers done. Oh yeah, I also need a cleaning.

All this can be done in a few sittings. Most people would have no problems but I do. I have TMJ Which makes it very hard to get any dental work done. I can’t hold my mouth open for longer than 15 minutes. I have bitten a finger or two in the past. So in order to get the dental work done I have to be sedated. yippee. Another one of my fears….needles. First I get freaked out about the dentist and then they want to poke me with a needle. I guess I can handle the needle. It would only be one for the IV instead of a dozen in my mouth. I dont much like the idea of being in a dazed but I guess its better than being tensed up the whole time the dentist works on my mouth. Just the sound on the drill can drive me over the edge.

So the next step is to call the dentist in Langley since that is where are dentist has moved to and make an appointment.

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  1. smurf

    Oh Dear !! Still say pull them all out and buy dentures..LOL

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