Last night Gregg made a nice dinner for the two of us. BBQ chicken, mushroom Jasmine rice and some corn. It all looked yummy. I had about 2 bites and at the third bite I noticed a big gap on the right side of my mouth. I swallowed my mouthful of food and with it went my gold molar crown. I panicked! I looked at Gregg and said, “I JUST SWALLOWED MY TOOTH!”.  He had a very stunned look on his face. I jumped up ran to the kitchen, grabbed a bowl and went to the bathroom to try to retrieve my tooth. I shoved my fingers down my throat and hoped that it would return to me. It didn’t. Gregg said “drink some water”, I did. It still didn’t come up. So I gave up. I think gravity was already working against me.

I went back to eating my nice dinner. I ate slow and careful. I am used to eating on the right side of my mouth cause on my left I had some bad dental work done that needs to be replaced. Now I have to chew on the left and its not easy to do. It took some time and my food was cold by the time I had finished it. After a while I called my mom for some advice on this “missing tooth”. I told her what happened and she started to laugh. She didn’t just laugh, she started to make silly remarks. When I told her I swallowed an 800 dollar tooth, she said “that’s going to be one expensive shit”. And it really sounds funny coming from her said in German. From there it continued on to more silliness. There was talk about selling my crap on Ebay and making sure that I had a map if I was to go digging for gold, and on it went.

I don’t think I have heard my mom laugh to the point of tears in a very long time. A few years at least. I’m sure she told dad too and he got a laugh out of it also. Now I needed to decide if I wanted to look for it over the next couple days or just let it go and get a new one. Its a lot of money to donate to the porcelain god, but its also a mental thing for me. Do I want that gold crown back in my mouth? Especially after knowing where its been. So I took some laxatives and went to bed.

Its the morning. I have had my coffee and breakfast. To be continued…..

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  1. smurf

    WOW !!! I have no idea what to say to this ! Hope it works out for you whatever you decide to do.

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