Did you know that food hurts? The left side of my mouth is so tender today. I think I will be on soft foods till I get my tooth fixed. Last night Gregg had bbq’d some sirloin steak and It tasted great. It was tender meat but to my poor mouth it felt like I was chewing on a rock. My gums hurt, my bite is messed up and I dont even want to brush my teeth. I will brush them, dont worry.

I looked in the fridge to see what I could eat for lunch. It came down to peeled cucumber slices and some ham. I just couldn’t get myself to eat anything else. Everything looked like it would hurt except for the yogurt. I can eat that. I just don’t think I could survive on yogurt. And how much can a person eat? I think I will be having a lot of soup over the next couple weeks. Maybe I will finally lose that last 10lbs…LOL

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