I was looking at my stats to see what people searched for on my site and this seems to be the top on the list today.” I swallowed my tooth”….LOL So I decided to go search and see what answers people were getting. I think the best one so far was this one……

“I swallowed my tooth. how long does it take for body to past that tooth. want to recover it. any suggestions?”

“What an awesome question. Please allow me to elaborate.

You won’t pass it. It will say in your stomach and grow tooth trees from which will hatch baby tooth fairies. But if for some reason you do pass it, it will probably chomp on your intestines (since it is a tooth you know) and make big holes and you’ll bleed a lot. That is as long as your tooth doesn’t eat EVERYTHING inside of you.

If it does happen to make it out of you unscathed, you’ll need a wire screen to strain your turds to find the tooth. Get a butter knife and slice your turds up in 1/4″ pieces. Don’t mistake the tooth for a piece of corn though. Then just pop the thing back in your mouth and attach it with some superglue. You should be good to go.”

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Last Modified: April 23, 2008

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