Well I saw the dentist yesterday. Yes I did finally have a golden shit. And before you go wondering if I found it, yes I did. I washed it, bleached it and took it with me. I told the dentist what happened and he says it happens to a lot of people. He took it and put it in the autoclave for 10 minutes to sterilize it. I was not really wanting to put it back in my mouth but I really had no choice. So yes, its back in my mouth. It cost 87.00 bucks to do it instead of getting a new one that would of cost 900.00 . So now I can brag about my shitty tooth.

I have also made an appointment to get my 4 front teeth done in June. Which I am happy about. The dentist said he can do everything in a 2-3 hour sitting. Front teeth and 3 fillings. I wont have to do sedation with an IV. I can do it with taking some pills to relax me. I hope so. I really dont want to feel anything. After all the work is done I have to go back a week later for the veneers to be put on. So for a week I will look weird since I cant where any temp teeth. I’m allergic to acrylic. No big deal, I’ll just stay home. And I like this dentist. He was very gentle and friendly.

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  1. Grandmothergoose

    Hurray for your successful gold mining! hahahaha

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