May is a busy month. First thing, my niece is getting married on saturday. So I have Colby coming down tomorrow evening. He will be staying for a couple days. Then on sunday is my brother’s birthday. Then we get a little break but there is mother’s day in there too, and then it starts again on the 22nd with Matthew’s birthday. The 28th are my twin nephew’s after that comes my niece and my cousin on the 30th and then finally its mom on the 31st. June is a busy one too.

Thats a lot of birthdays in one month. We dont have big parties like we used to. The ladies go out for lunch and we celebrate birthdays together. so this month it will be for my niece,cousin and mom. Just need to pick a day to get together. Its so much easier to do the lunch once a month. Anyways, I need to get a few things done around here before Colby the clumsy puppy gets here. He’s turning 19 next month and is about 6 feet tall, shoulder almost as wide and weights about 240. He reminds me of a St.Bernard. Big boned, bouncy, floppy, happy puppy. I think his ring finger is a size 13 just like his shoes….lol . He is just a huge guy.

2 comments on “In the Month of May

  1. Grandmothergoose

    So many things to look forward to!
    Let’s get these parties started! 🙂

  2. smurf

    That sounds like our We have alot of birthdays that month. Paul’s, my father in law’s, brother in law’s, niece and nephew’s birthday PLUS 2 wedding anniversaries……So I know exactly how it goes……

    Happy lunching……

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