The bad news is that Dad had a very hard day yesterday. It took a lot of help to get him out of bed and dressed and into the car and to Burnaby Hospital for his bone scan. Mom will find out the result in a week. The pain seems to be getting worse each day. Mom is giving him double the dosage of the painkillers he is on. They aren’t helping him much. She will be asking for stronger ones soon. Dad says that most of the pain is in his lower back. Don’t know if this is from the cancer or something else. We will just have to wait and see.

The good news is for me. I did a bunch of blood tests a couple weeks ago and got the results today. Everything is good. I was worried that my cholesterol was going to be high but nope, its fine. Seems that my body is healthy. Also finally got my appointment for my MRI of my right shoulder. It took them 7 months but I go in at the end of July. I didn’t think I was ever going to hear from them.

So there is lots of stuff going on for me. Next month is the dental work. I am not thrilled to go to the dentist but part of me is happy that it will finally be done. Doing the MRI will let me know if I need surgery again. Man, there is always something going on. Such is life.

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