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  1. smurf

    I sure hope you don’t think you deserve the title???? Just because circumstances didn’t allow you to be with the boys all thru their childhood doesn’t mean you aren’t their mother…..You have been there as much as BOB has allowed you to be. Doesn’t mean you wouldn’t of been around more. From what you have told me , you didn’t have much of a choice…..As far as i am concerned you are a very good Mother and you do deserve the day to be special for you too…..

    As the boys are getting older, you are getting more of chances to interfere ..LOL Like good mothers do !!! The boys understand why things are the way they are……

    Hope this makes sense, but most importantly makes you feel better. All I can say is alot of people would have given totally up on their kids if they were in the same situation as you were, BUT you didn’t, you mothered the boys the best you could, sometimes it was very difficult but you never did give up !! KUDO TO YOU!!! HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY KARIN..YOU DESERVE THE PRAISE AS MUCH AS ANY MOTHER OUT THERE!!!!!

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