I have been busy. Saturday Gregg washed the deck. So everything that was out there was sitting in the living room. Sunday we went out for lunch with Gregg’s dad and sister. Robin was in town for the weekend. Lunch was the only time she had a available. We went to Sammy J.Peppers. It was good. Not too busy considering it was Mother’s Day.After lunch we said good bye and headed home. I decided to give up my fish tank. After 6 years I have had enough. My goldfish had all died and I have a few corys left and tetras. So I put them in a ziplock bag and off we went to the pet store to drop them off. I kept 3 fish for my fish bowl.

After the pet store we headed over to mom and dad’s for a coffee and a quick visit. My brothers were there with their families. We stayed for a coffee and chatted for a bit then hit the road again. We got home and I started with the cleaning of the tank. That is a heck of a job. I got most of it done. I gave up just before 8pm so I could watch Survivor. This morning we had our coffee,moved everything back onto the deck, made a shopping list and we were ready to go again. We were still looking for cat grass. We didnt find it the day before so we stopping at a few different pet stores. Nobody has any.

It was off to costco for a hotdog and then to do some shopping. After that we drove to Walmart and they didnt have cat grass either. We came home and I made some calls to pet stores and then tried the health food store down the road. They got it! Yippee! So while I am finishing up on the cleaning of all the fish tank and supplies, Gregg has run out to get the rest of the shopping done and to grab a pound of cat grass seeds. Bunny keeps trying to eat my fake grass that I have. So she will be pleased that her human servant is growing real grass for her.

Oh, I did get a call from Matthew yesterday wishing me a happy Mother’s day. Which was nice. Havent heard from Colby.

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Last Modified: May 12, 2008

4 comments on “The last 2 Days

  1. smurf

    Sounds like you got a lot done over the weekend. We spent Mother’s Day weekend watching a few chick flicks….Enchanted, Over Her dead body , and finally on Sunday 27 dresses. Then headed to the nursery to pick up some flowers and plants for the garden…Tomato and strawberry plants. Should be interesting to see how well they turn out this yr. Paul and the kids got me a flat screen computer monitor ! Oh and we had Tim Horton’s brought to me . Bagel BELT and French Vanilla coffee….

  2. Grandmothergoose

    Sooooo…… have you been sitting outside on your squeaky clean deck yet?

  3. purpledragonfly Post author

    Yes we did for a few minutes, but once again it is raining. So we have to wait till friday.

    I want to see 27 dresses, was it any good?

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