I have been whitening my teeth to get them as white as I can before I go in to get my front teeth covered with veneers. I dont want the dentist to color match them up to be yellowish. Gregg has researched whitening quite a bit. He has found that what the dentists use is very similar to the whitening kits you can buy at the drug store. We found one that is the closest to the one our dentist uses. Its called “Plus White 5 minute speed whitening gel“. It says to use it for 5 minutes each day but we use it for a full hour. We asked our dentist to make sure it wasnt going to do any damage and he told us it was fine.

Well, my top front teeth hurt. Actually just the one. It has a section that the enamel has worn off and is now very sensitive. The gel gets in there and it hurts. No big deal. I can suffer through it. I want my teeth to be white and match the veneers. I’m getting excited about my new teeth, but I’m also very scared. I have such a big fear of all that pain I have to go through. Mainly those needles. Did I tell you I hate needles?! This coming from a girl with tattoos.(LOL) Those are different needles. Those arent in my mouth. 😛

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