Yesterday was a hard day for me. It finally sunk in that my dad is going to die. I guess up till now I was not willing to believe it. I knew it was happening, but I just didn’t think it was happening right now. Well I cried most of yesterday and I think I got most of the tears out of the way so that I can be strong and ready when mom needs the help. I know that the family is going to have a long road ahead. We all deal with loss in different ways. I tend to push it to the side and deal with it after all is said and done. It wont be easy.

Anyways, lets get on a happier note. Its going to be a sunny day! Already 15c out there and suppose to rise to 26! When was the last May long weekend that we had beautiful weather? I dont even remember. Lets hope it stays nice. I think I will replant my 2 plants this afternoon.Yes I only have 2. I only have a bit of sunshine in the condo so lots of real plants wont survive in here. We face east so its only morning sun. Which is fine with me, otherwise it would get too hot in here.

Any plans for the weekend? I dont think we are doing much. Maybe go biking. Go see mom and dad. Was thinking of getting some Chinese take out for dinner and taking it over to the parents tomorrow for dinner. I know dad likes it even if he says he doesnt…lol.

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  1. Grandmothergoose

    Sounds like good plan you have there for dinner!
    Go for it!

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