As you have probably noticed on my sidebar I have small plugin that tells you what I am doing. Its called Twitter. Its actually a cool little gadget. You go to and sign up. After you set up your profile you can start to send out “tweets” or “twits”. Which ever you prefer. Then there are some programs that you can download and install to your desktop and twitter from there instead of always going to the webpage.

I have tried out a few of them and Twhirl is the best one so far. There is also Snitter and Twitteroo. Try them out and see which one you like. Once you have it install and learn how to use it, you will get tweet updates as they happen from all the people you follow. I like twitter. I can follow friends and know what they are doing and when they have blogged. Its a very handy tool.

I recently found this site Twitter 100 and also this one called TwitterVision. They are both kind of neat. So if you decide to join you can add me to your Twitter if you like. PurpleDragonFly

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