Well its finally happened. Downstair’s Dippy has lost his dog. I went to bed early last night to the sounds of a whimpering dog. This is nothing new to any of us on this side of the building. So we all ignored it. this morning while having coffee we heard the neighbors out on their decks talking. So we joined them. to our surprise they told us that Dippy’s dog was missing. He got home at 4am and was yelling and whistling for his dog. Since he couldnt find the dog he went to our neighbor 2 doors over and banged on his door and yelled at him about his dog at 4 am!

Anyways, he is very upset that his dog is gone and yes I feel for him, but I’m glad too. No more howling, yapping, barking and whining at all hours. Now I just need to get him to get rid of that portable dog potty he has under our deck. If that was was gone all would be right in my world.

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  1. Grandmothergoose

    Soo… how about that?
    Did the SPCA come and get the dog? or did someone else snatch it?
    He actually banged on people’s doors at 4:00 am? Crazy!

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