Well I hate to say it but the damn dog is back! I guess when the dog was running around the back of the building in the common area, he ended up on someones patio and they took him in for the night. They returned the dog. Too bad. We were all hoping it was gone. Oh well. From talking to Dippy and some of the neighbors, Dippy is keeping in at a friends house during the week while he is at work and when the dog is fully grown he plans on leaving it here at home. Problem with this is that we have a 25lb limit for dogs. His dog is already over the limit. He isnt very bright, he has been sent letters and been told over and over again that the dog will have to go. I guess we’ll see how things turn out in the next few months. Maybe if we are lucky it will really runaway for good next time.

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  1. Grandmothergoose

    Oooooooh, shoot!
    Just call the SPCA and be done with it!

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